What a show! All the girls did great tonight- excellent singing, dancing and speaking… and best of all, it looked like they were enjoying themselves! Thank you for working so hard with our girls to put on an amazing show. Our daughter loved it and we are all looking forward to the spring class. Thank you!!

– Katharine


I just wanted to thank you (and Sara) again for such a wonderful introduction to Ballet for Helen. Helen is my shy, reserved child, but she just had so much joy in her heart related to all things ballet. I cannot thank you enough for making that such a wonderful bright spot for her. She just loved it and as a parent, watching your children have joy in their hearts related to fun activities is the best feeling. Again, thank you for taking such great care of our sweet Helen and introducing her to ballet in such a wonderful fashion. We cannot thank you enough.

– Carter


I wanted to give you some feedback about the Music Theater and Ballet class. My daughter is registered for both. The instructor Ellen is one of the kindest and most caring teachers I have met. She is absolutely fabulous with the girls and really makes sure they are taken care of.
We could not be happier having her.

– Alex


Thank you for all you do to guide these sweet girls. [My girls] look forward to their dance classes and have become confident dancers. You instill a love of dance in them.

– Catherine S


Thank you for inspiring me to dance and for instilling in me a great love for ballet. You were my first ever ballet teacher and I will never forget you.

– Noora


Thanks for all the patience, creativity, care and talent you put into teaching ballet. Emily loves you and ballet. She was showing me how to do a grand plié in the bathtub a few days ago. So you can see ballet permeates our days.

– Kristina H


About summer camp: Elise wants me to pack ants-on-a-log supplies tomorrow. She talks about you and Ellen making that snack all the time. You and Ms. Ellen are wonderful! She drew a picture of her and you and wanted to give it to you. She’s missed you terribly!

– Mindy H


You all are so good at what you do! Thank you, thank you! :)

– Elizabeth W


Precious! Thank you for taking such good care of our girls and teaching them all these sweet things and great acting! xoxo

– Joanie


THANK YOU! You have the patience of Job. I pray everyday to have that sort of patience with all my kids. It was adorable and I loved being able to be there.

– Kathleen Z



Thanks !!! She LOVES ballet and talks about you almost daily :)

– Julie S


I just wanted to let you know how much Anita LOVED her ballet camp. She could not wait to get there every morning and is sooo bummed it is over. She has been showing me her “sharp” robot moves and “smooth” butterfly moves all night. ;-) She really wants to do ballet all the time.

– Blair T


Thank you for a wonderful year. This was Evans’ first introduction to ballet and we are very grateful for your incredible instruction, patience and encouragement. She loved every minute of class and she would have liked to have class everyday if you were available.

– Elle A